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Near, Far, Wherever You Are

According to The Canadian Encyclopedia, “Distance education or distance learning commonly refers to formal education offerings where instructor and learner are physically separated and where learners can study appropriately designed materials at a place, time and pace of their own choosing.” Thus far in this semester, I have been excited but a little overwhelmed withContinue reading “Near, Far, Wherever You Are”

But First… Squirrel!

I am generally a very tidy person; I do not like clutter at home or at school, however I am awful for having a million tabs open at once over multiple windows. It is a little stressful, but I find myself revisiting most of those tabs on the daily, so might as well leave themContinue reading “But First… Squirrel!”

AV EdTech

“AV materials are both visual and verbal, and are available in various forms and sizes. They include film and video, which were produced by machines like film projectors, lantern slide projectors, tape recorders, television, and camcorders. This list continues to expand as people seek to communicate through multimedia” Source AV materials have drastically changed overContinue reading “AV EdTech”

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