A few introductory thoughts for the Major Project in 832

I feel a little better after reading Kelly’s Blog and finding out she has also been struggling with ideas for the Major Project this semester! To echo Kelly’s thoughts, I usually come up with ideas almost immediately for the Major Projects in Alec’s classes, but this semester I am a little stumped!

I have been juggling with a few ideas regarding options one and two from the syllabus!

Option one is creating a digital resource and option two is exploring a personal journey into media.

Once my confused screaming ceased… I think I have an idea that includes components of both options one and two. I want to be able to create something fun and engaging for students, but I also need it to benefit my teaching and challenge my pedagogy. I think having a resource I can use in the future would be the best option for me. My school division has a number of modules for digital citizenship, however, it is content overload and hard to really pick and choose what to use – so I often cruise through the lessons and do not do them justice.

In ECI 831, I integrated social media into my classroom for a culminating task of a novel study (see ECI 831 Learning Project). For me, simply choosing option two for this class would be an injustice as I have already tinkered with those ideas in previous classes and I understand the expectations are higher of those who have taken classes from Alec. Thus, my brainstorming came to life.

Ignore the foxy notepad

Rather than having options one and two as separate entities (because both give me some inspiration for neat lesson ideas and writing prompts), I would like to create a larger overarching digital citizen resource while incorporating content and ideas from the apps students use.

Using the Nine Elements, Saskatchewan’s Digital Citizenship Continuum, and Saskatchewan’s Digital Citizenship Policy Planning Guide I would like to create lessons that surround digital literacy, citizenship, copyright, incorporate Catholic content, videos and surveys, concise writing prompts, and surround these lessons with apps students are familiar with. Overarching themes will include (but are not limited to) critical race theory (CRT), understandings from The Social Dilemma, and how students can navigate the digital world as involved Catholic people.

Please… if you have any comments or suggestions for this project, I am all ears! My plan is to develop lessons and implement them in my classroom. If you have tackled this type of journey already, I would love to hear about your experiences!

5 thoughts on “A few introductory thoughts for the Major Project in 832

  1. Dalton, keep on, keeping on. I think the struggle is real lately with COVID fatigue, especially in schools. I think your ideas are great. Living up to an expectation that you think is there, that really may not be, isn’t worth putting yourself through h-e-double hockey sticks. Do what you feel comfortable with. Do what is manageable to you and your professional and personal life right now. Even though I always keep challenging myself to get onto the GREAT ONE’s list for the summary of learning, I still haven’t gotten there. So maybe I need to reevaluate my expectations, and strive for being better, instead of being recognized as being able to push the limits.

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    1. I think you have achieved “great one” status! Your work is great…. even a university is using your blog for their class! I agree… We work hard and want to make sure that we are on the correct path. Alec applauded my idea to blend the two and said as long as there is continued growth from class to class, then he is happy. No stagnant teaching for me!


  2. It is wonderful that you will be working through the development of this project WITH your students. Too often, I think teachers feel that they need to be great and fully-developed right “off-the-hop.” However, some of the best experiences come from exploring and stumbling along a path with students striding along beside the teacher. This will be a fantastic bonding experience and journey. I look forward to following your progress!

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  3. I like your idea of combining both elements of Options 1 and 2, Dalton! With Alec’s style of teaching, I feel like the Options were more of a jumping-off point (or for the Type A people out there who need a distinct direction) than set in stone. I think that creating lessons and then trialing them with your students makes so much sense from a theory-to-practice viewpoint. You will be getting real data and feedback about what works and what might need tweaking. I also applaud you for thinking outside of the box so you don’t just repeat learning you’ve had in past classes. Continual learning and improvement is a huge, overarching goal for teachers and you are embodying this in full!

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