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Module #1 – ECI834 Course Creation

Hi everyone,

Here is my first shot at an online course module and overview!

I think there is too much content for one module, but it is hard to find a healthy balance of expectations when there are so many ideas I want to implement from the EC&I 834 course content!! Perhaps this module could last 2+ weeks between f2f meetings!

Here is the video that is posted under Module 1. Please note that a few items on the students’ content bar have changed in the process of creating this course! The above video was created for ECI834, while the following videos were created and embedded into the students’ content!

Rationale: Thus far, my framework will be in class a handful of times with all students (if possible) present, with course content available on OneNote/MSTeams (which is available to all students in my division), and small groups that can meet asynchronously based on their schedules to discuss content, work on homework together, or pose questions to the teacher. It is my goal to maintain a certain level of social interaction in this online class as it is integral to youth development! Content delivery over MS Teams and OneNote fit in with how remote learning has been conducted in the past, and students are familiar with it. Branching out of OneNote and Teams to use blogging, video reflections, Padlet collections, and other activities helps students use a variety of apps that is not limited to O365.

Module 1 would be completed and posted to the students’ blog for their peers to post reflections on their work. Students will also view a variety of PowerPoints that are related to the textbook content (and thus derived from Saskatchewan Outcomes) and formulate important questions, facts, or details that will be posted to the Class Padlet

Below is another video I created as an introduction to the course and briefly touches on Module 1. I think it may need a little bit of work before the final product is complete!

For the record. I am not a fan of watching myself speak, especially when the camera is flipped (and I still can’t figure out how to use the camera as a mirror in WeVideo)

I think we are off to a good start folks. Please provide me with any feedback! Criticism is greatly appreciated and is the only way I can make my course better!


3 thoughts on “Module #1 – ECI834 Course Creation

  1. Dalton,

    I found it difficult to narrow down what content I should include in my first module… I think I may have over-shot it, but it is really easy to get carried away! However, I think it also depends on your students and what they need to be successful!

    I appreciate your use of Padlet! I gave it a try a few weeks ago and really liked it. I think it is a neat way for students to share ideas, or as you put it, learn from one another! The checklist feature in OneNote looks like an effective way to help keep students organized, as I think this is a difficult thing for students to manage in blended learning situations!

    Everything looks so well organized and I can see a lot of thought has gone into your prototype so far!

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    1. Thanks, Leigh! I loved checking your prototype out as well! Lots of quality content that can be used in the future regardless if you are teaching online or in-person! It is great to have classes like this that allow us to build projects and content that will be used in the future!!!


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