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ECI 832 Major Project Update

My students have been working hard on their regularly scheduled programming, and I have been trying to integrate Digital Citizenship and Literacy into their daily work as often as I can.

I am also taking ECI834 with Katia and we are working on creating an online course using an LMS and creating modules to help build skills and competencies in the creation process. I have created a OneNote document with a variety of Modules for Water Systems in the grade 8 science curriculum. THUS, I have applied the knowledge from 834 into 832 and I am creating an online digital resource to help implement Dig Cit and Dig Lit into my teaching.

So far, in my classroom, we have been working on a Religion assignment called the Modern Parable. I have made some serious adaptations to the assignment (which will be a part of Module 4) to fit the needs of implementing Dig Cit and Dig Lit into my pedagogy. So far, students have been engaging well.

Next, I plan to have students start journaling about the types of advertisements and licensing that they see while working on other assignments!

I would like students to get into groups, choose an app, and discuss the pros and cons of using the app, mental health implications, and mapping their digital footprint on the apps. The work is in the planning stages still, and I will provide another update once they get their hands on the assignment!

Please provide any feedback or criticisms of what I have created so far. I would love to have some questions asked about the work to help improve this Major Project!



5 thoughts on “ECI 832 Major Project Update

  1. Great work, Dalton! You’ve clearly got a good handle on your major project. Which apps are you hoping students play around with? I am planning to implement my project in a similar fashion. I really liked the suggestion Durston made in his video last week to do little 15 minute mini lessons every day on a topic of digital citizenship. To me, that is so manageable and it gives the kids something to look forward to every day.

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    1. Good question! We have used Twitter and Tiktok in class but students have never done any research on them. On Friday we talked about surveillance and students really responded and got into it! I think a few mini-lessons throughout the year would be great for students too! There is so much to talk about so I don’t think we would ever run out of content lol.


  2. What are your thoughts on creating a choice project? Meaning, give students a few options and let them choose how to share their learning? I find when I give my grade 6 choice (granted it’s limited) I seem to have more of a buy-in ten if I give them one option and tell them to reflect on their learning with that choice and only that choice. It can be a little bit more work upfront, but it may boost student engagement and I know in the middle years it is especially important for some kiddos to feel like they have control over some of their learning. Just a thought!


    1. That is in my plans! Kind of a big Jigsaw / inquiry-based project. Choose an app that interests you and investigate privacy, uses, etc etc. and then have the students present their findings to the class. Figure out their footprint and what some of the long-term implications of their posts will be part of the “enriched understanding” or “exceeding” (in other divisions).


  3. Dalton, I like that you are having student review the apps and be active participants in that reviewing process. This will engage them in forming collaborative deeper understanding. I like the idea of being aware of the algorithm and what advertisements are appearing during their research.

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