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Final Course Prototype Submission!!!

Hello everyone!

Exciting day! Here is my final course overview for my course prototype.

It has been a long journey from my first post where I was mostly worried we would be going online again, so my thoughts were all over the place and did not have any flow or direction when it came to the implementation, but I had a few decent ideas about the course profile and what my target audience, considerations, and outcomes would focus on!

Here is my course “Syllabus” or profile:

One item I had not even considered in my first post was the idea of collaboration. My second post looked at ideas from Alec and ECI831 last semester with blogging and social media, as well as Dr. Irvine and Bate‘s notions about asynchronous groups of students who could meet outside of class time but have group projects, discussion, and friendship building sessions. Many considerations come out of this idea, so please check out the post!

If you’d like to see my Module 1 outline and video that is uploaded to OneNote, check out this blog post! And after the feedback class, I posted some answers to common questions about the LMS I used as well as other content concepts which can be found here on blog post 4. I also posted an update about how the prototype creation was going, found here.

There were a few tricky learning curves along the way that slowed me down but were good tools to have going forward. A few notable ones are: do not use any “- = , @ &” in the tab creation in OneNote. It will not be recognized and you will have to go through each student’s “binder” to delete the tabs pushed to them and redistribute them. Secondly, and I sort of touch on this at the end of my final submission, is that once you push a page to students, you cannot edit the original page…. they do not sync. SO, again, you’d have to go to each student’s binder to delete that page and redistribute.

Finally, I have posted the videos I created for Module 2 and 3 as well as a rough overview of some trials and tribulations about creating the content.

Overall, using OneNote has been a positive experience. I have been using the tool for a few years now and I still get stuck on some of the systems it has. I would ideally like to import this notebook into Teams and function solely in Teams for messages, calls, meetings, content and homework submissions, etc. HOWEVER, the two tools still do not blend together. If it was not for the fact that I can actually use OneNote and the course I created in future years in my career, I fully believe there are better tools out there to use as LMS systems. I recently learned that the online teachers in my division can use Moodle for their platform, which I think would be far more beneficial than the tools we are provided as classroom teachers. Regardless, OneNote helped me get through online/remote learning during the pandemic and it has been a positive learning experience in creating an actual course, rather than the smorgasbord of thrown together teaching we were forced into back in 2020.

Thank you for taking the time to view my video and read my reflection on the process. Please provide any feedback or question you may have below!

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Final Course Prototype Submission!!!

  1. Dalton,

    No matter how long you work with a system I find that there are always learning curves! It is funny you mention your concerns about going online again… Around that time, I was definitely feeling the same and had trouble focusing my thoughts!

    Your walk through was easy to follow and I could get a solid grasp on your course! I appreciate that you use a variety of tools to allow your students to share their knowledge. Working Minecraft into any kind of unit is usually a win, as kids love this game and it fits in well with so many outcomes… Way to connect with your students’ interests!

    I am feeling that GIF you included at the end of your post– almost at the finish line! Keep up the awesome work!


  2. Dalton,

    I really enjoyed looking through your course. Being that I also chose to go with OneNote, it was helpful to see how you set things up and the different ways that you used this platform to your benefit and the benefit of your students. I feel like I am still learning a lot as I only majorly started using it when classes went online and then went on mat leave the following year. Very interesting note about not being able to use ” – = , @ &” in the tab creation. I agree that there seem to be some issues with syncing and that OneNote may note be the best platform of choice. I used Moodle way back in my internship and I was really happy with it… From that I remember, it is harder to get used to right off the bat, but after passing the initial learning curve, it had a lot more to offer than OneNote. Thanks for all the food for thought in this course submission!

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  3. This is awesome, Dalton!

    I know how much work goes into effective planning and having everything viewable for students and parents. This is a huge undertaking, and the final product looks fantastic. Although it comes with an upfront time commitment, it will make your day-to-day life easier!

    It is interesting to see what you can do within the one-note. Years ago, when I tried it, it was laggy and quickly guided me over to Google and everything the drive offers. It is awesome to see someone utilizing all the great tools that Microsoft does have and how they can be effectively utilized. I need to be more open-minded when it comes to Microsoft products. I am too comfortable with Gsuite and tend to overlook Microsoft.

    Thank you for sharing

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    1. I really liked working with Google products with my summary of learning with Leigh. Actually ended up making a little mini-course outline and it was super user-friendly. It all comes down to being comfortable with things and how much time / effort we are willing to spend on familiarizing ourselves with it. The push or shove from a division helps make that decision for us haha. Thanks for the feedback!


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