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Module 2 & 3 Update

I have been pushing through and adding content, ideas, apps, and so on to Module #2 and #3 for the ECI 834 course prototype. Yes, I am doing an extra module… not for extra marks, but it seems easiest to just finish off the course so that I have this work completed for the next time I have to teach this unit or for when/if I end up teaching this online.

Here is my Module 2 overview that students can see on the OneNote page!

And here is the Module 3 overview as well…

It is hard to really go deep into some of the assignments while keeping an eye on the clock. My idea here is that it is a brief overview for students to get a quick taste of what is expected. Then, when we have Teams Meetings or F2F meetings in the classroom, we could go over them in more detail. Kind of like giving an assignment with a rubric and breaking down the pieces with students in person and answering questions as they come up!

I actually enjoyed creating these videos and walking through the assignments for students. There are, however, a few assumptions here. One main assumption is that students know how to use OneNote as we will go over the LMS in person to show the tricks to the app. One thing that is difficult when creating overviews like this is if you forget to mention something, it is difficult to amend it. Basically, a whole new screencast must be done to include that missed piece (if you want it in the video, that is).

Thus, in Module 3, I did not mention in the video that students will create the Minecraft simulation of a healthy and unhealthy ecosystem and then use WeVideo to go over it and show students their work. Similar to what I have done in creating the course, students will then export their video (unlisted) and share it to Youtube, at which point they can add their creation to their Fan.School (former Kidblog) for other students to see their work!

A bit of a long process, but I am happy with how they turned out. Stay tuned for my final overview of the course!!


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