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Final EC&I 830 Post

Bittersweet. This is my final EC&I 830+ class! Number 9/10 in the bag for my graduate studies run! It has been a rushed and busy semester but the learning I took part in was really exceptional and I am excited to take my new thoughts and notions into my future pedagogy! Great job everyone! HereContinue reading “Final EC&I 830 Post”

Debate 6 – What is that cellphone doing for you?

“Cell phones should be banned in the classroom” What a funny debate. As our class voted at first, it was almost 50/50. As I have said a million times on this blog, my students have 1:1 devices, thus, our school has adopted a policy limiting cell phones in the classroom. We still allow them toContinue reading “Debate 6 – What is that cellphone doing for you?”

Has tech made the world more equitable?

Round two of our ECI 830 class debates was about technology making society more equitable. The groups did a really great job of presenting their cases and having quality discussions about technology’s societal impact. The groups discussed that educational technology may in fact lead to a digital divide in society but also that technology mayContinue reading “Has tech made the world more equitable?”

Technology, Say What?

A few thoughts as we ramp up another semester: what is my relationship with technology? I am a fairly social person and like using Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook (sometimes) to communicate with friends, family, and acquaintances. Technology drives my life, I rely on it in my vehicle, home, school, Master’s program, part-time job, and evenContinue reading “Technology, Say What?”