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Social Media Integration Project – Final Update

Wow! What a busy couple of weeks we have had in ECI831. I just have to say I am SO impressed with my student’s level of engagement and the positive results I have seen as a result of the social media integration in my classroom! Out of all 54 students that have been along thisContinue reading “Social Media Integration Project – Final Update”

Social Media Integration in my Classroom update

We have a class Instagram account now, and many of my students have created Twitter or Instagram accounts for their Digital Scrapbook. Students have begun documenting their journey as a fictional character, modeled after our novel, Daniel’s Story. Their posts have been quite remarkable and have required research to factually represent their created experiences asContinue reading “Social Media Integration in my Classroom update”

Update #2 on Learning Project

Blogging has been a great success thus far. A few interesting comments from some students, but under the notification center (seen below) you can “Hide” comments that do not fit the criteria of the assignment/class. Victoria commented on my last blog post and asked to see what the teacher side / back end of FanContinue reading “Update #2 on Learning Project”

Progress update for Social Media Implementation

What a busy week! My students and I have made a little progress regarding our blogs and social media ‘scrapbooks’ for our novel study. We have started reading “Daniel’s Story” and have set up their blogs on FanSchool! Thankfully my school division has students complete a digital permission form for media consent, so the legalityContinue reading “Progress update for Social Media Implementation”

Social Media in the Classroom

I have been racking my brain all week about the best way to integrate social media into my classroom in an authentic and meaningful way. I have decided to work towards social media integration in my classroom as I feel this will be the best use of my time and actively benefit my teaching, classroomContinue reading “Social Media in the Classroom”