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EC&I 832 Major Project – Conclusion

This was a really unique project for me as I was able to scaffold and build upon my knowledge and understanding from EC&I 834 (looking at Online Learning and course development). The two classes blended so well together, I figured I would take aspects of that Major Project and apply them here. For EC&I 834,Continue reading “EC&I 832 Major Project – Conclusion”

Our Summary of Learning!

What a long process but we made it! Leigh and I were able to do a very special Summary of Learning for both EC&I 832 and 834. Leigh was in 832 when Covid shut all classes down in 2020 (therefore did not do an SoL) and she is taking 834 right now. I am currentlyContinue reading “Our Summary of Learning!”

Ethics, Morals, and Legalities in Ed Tech

Privacy is a huge point of contention in education! Add in some technology, a variety of apps, and students’ lack of knowledge in digital citizenship and identity… and we really don’t even know what is going into the recipe. We scroll through the Terms and Agreements section of our phones, apps, etc. and just clickContinue reading “Ethics, Morals, and Legalities in Ed Tech”

ECI 832 and 834 Major Project Updates

Well, it has been a very busy couple of weeks with classes, school, keeping up on marking and preparing for Student Conferences next week. Anyway! The projects are coming along nicely! I would say that my ECI834 Course Prototype is about 90% complete, with just a few things to add and tweak before the finalContinue reading “ECI 832 and 834 Major Project Updates”

Fake News in a Digital World

I use this infographic in my class when looking at Fake News and trying to interpret the vast amount of information that floats around the internet. My students are typically pretty good at picking out fake news, and my co-teacher and I will often try to find convincing articles to have the students examine. ChrisContinue reading “Fake News in a Digital World”

Digital Literacy

The definition of illiterate is “unable to read or write” and the definition for literate is “the ability to read or right” and “having knowledge and competence” but when we apply these terms to “digitally literate”, I hope the definition transcends simple reading and writing! Wikipedia defines digital literacy as: “Digital literacy refers to anContinue reading “Digital Literacy”

ECI 832 Major Project Update

My students have been working hard on their regularly scheduled programming, and I have been trying to integrate Digital Citizenship and Literacy into their daily work as often as I can. I am also taking ECI834 with Katia and we are working on creating an online course using an LMS and creating modules to helpContinue reading “ECI 832 Major Project Update”

What is Digital Literacy?

According to Unicef, digital literacy is “the knowledge, skills and attitudes that allow children to be both safe and empowered in an increasingly digital world” This concept really plays into the overarching umbrella of digital citizenship. Who are we as contributing members of the internet, and how do our multiple literacies play into that creation ofContinue reading “What is Digital Literacy?”

Digital Identities

This week, our group discussed the concept of online / digital identities within the umbrella of digital citizenship. I felt our group did a great job of presenting a variety of viewpoints when analyzing our digital identities. Rae looked at Dr. Alec Couros‘ video Article #4, Brenda discussed young people’s social media interactions here ArticleContinue reading “Digital Identities”

ECI 832 Major Project update

The last few weeks have been hectic with report cards, broken refrigerators, and shovelling snow! My project is gradually taking shape, with a variety of lesson ideas and ways that I can slightly adjust previously taught units/projects to have a stronger focus on Digital Citizenship. As I have started thinking about integrating Digital Citizenship withContinue reading “ECI 832 Major Project update”