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EC&I 832 Major Project – Conclusion

This was a really unique project for me as I was able to scaffold and build upon my knowledge and understanding from EC&I 834 (looking at Online Learning and course development). The two classes blended so well together, I figured I would take aspects of that Major Project and apply them here. For EC&I 834,Continue reading “EC&I 832 Major Project – Conclusion”

ECI 832 and 834 Major Project Updates

Well, it has been a very busy couple of weeks with classes, school, keeping up on marking and preparing for Student Conferences next week. Anyway! The projects are coming along nicely! I would say that my ECI834 Course Prototype is about 90% complete, with just a few things to add and tweak before the finalContinue reading “ECI 832 and 834 Major Project Updates”

ECI 832 Major Project Update

My students have been working hard on their regularly scheduled programming, and I have been trying to integrate Digital Citizenship and Literacy into their daily work as often as I can. I am also taking ECI834 with Katia and we are working on creating an online course using an LMS and creating modules to helpContinue reading “ECI 832 Major Project Update”

Student Collaboration and Interactions

Building off of what I learned with Alec Couros in ECI 831, I plan to incorporate blogging and reflections into my course prototype. At this point, my general idea is centred around what Dr. Valerie Irvine discussed in class about having some f2f time, asynchronous work time, and small pods of groups that can createContinue reading “Student Collaboration and Interactions”

Creating a Course Profile

I have been wracking my brain for the best subject to focus on for the digital learning course. I bounced back and forth between a digital book club/novel study, arts education semester, and finally settled on looking at Water Systems for grade 8 science as that is my upcoming unit for science. If we doContinue reading “Creating a Course Profile”